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We've carefully assembled a staff of experienced and talented lending professionals who make it their mission to understand your unique situation and provide you with the service you desire. Whether you need advice on which loan product is best for you or information about current rates, we are here to help.

VP/ Senior Lender
Ext. 2285
NMLS# 451473

VP/ Loan Officer
Ext. 2223
NMLS# 454266

VP/ Loan Officer
Ext. 2291
NMLS# 422316

AVP/ Loan Officer
Ext. 2215
NMLS #2545748
Loan Officer
Ext. 2213
NMLS# 2145599
Government Loan Processor
Ext. 2220
NMLS# 1476848

Branch Manager
Ext. 1500
NMLS# 451465

Branch Manager
Ext. 1700
NMLS# 1189660

Branch Manager
Ext. 1200
NMLS# 2521791

Branch Manager
Ext. 1400
NMLS# 1391795
VP/Loan Officer
Ext. 2210
NMLS# 1476150

AVP/Branch Administrator
Ext. 1809
NMLS# 1823655

Branch Manager
Ext. 1800
NMLS# 2154886
Address: 290 Cumberland Crossing
Phone: 606.348.3084

Area President
Ext. 1900
NMLS# 451463
Address: 601 Keene Centre Drive
Phone: 859.881.4000

Area President
Ext. 2401
NMLS# 588413
Address: 94 Lakeway Drive
Phone: 270.858.6341

Area President
Ext. 2500
NMLS# 454828
Ext. 2501
NMLS# 1477170

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