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Mobile Security


Follow these tips to stay secure on-the-go.

If your smartphone is lost or stolen

  • First, follow the recommended steps of your mobile service provider to report a lost or stolen phone.
  • If you’re using the Citizens National Bank app, there’s no need to contact us or change your Personal ID or Password. When you get your new phone, download the new app or sign in to the Mobile Web to continue your mobile banking.
  • If you're using Text Banking call (606) 679-6341 to cancel Mobile Banking services for that phone or device.  
  • As always, you'll want to monitor your accounts for suspicious activity. If you notice anything that concerns you call us right away at (606) 679-6341.
  • Make sure you have antivirus software installed on your device.

Password-protect your smartphone

  • Always lock your phone when it’s not in use.
  • Set your phone to automatically lock after being idle for a set amount of time.
  • Set your phone to use a longer and stronger password than the default 4-digit unlock code if this option is available on your phone.
  • For even better security, set your phone to erase all data after 10 bad password attempts.

Clear data from your smartphone frequently

  • Delete text messages from financial institutions, especially before sharing, discarding, or selling your phone.
  • If you visit the Citizens National Bank website using your phone, delete the cookies and cache regularly.
  • Better yet, use our dedicated apps for online banking.

Always download apps from reputable sources

  • Criminals try to lure people into signing up for mobile banking using fake apps and/or websites.
  • Always visit the Citizens National Bank Mobile Banking website to verify the sources of your online banking applications.
  • If you’re considering adding an app to your mobile device, review the app’s permissions so you understand what the app is capable of doing before you decide to download it.

Don’t fall for phishing scams

  • Phishers create links that look legitimate but instead direct you to malicious websites when you select them.
  • Due to the small screen size in smartphones, it’s even harder to spot whether a link is legitimate. If you need to access a website, type in the address yourself. Learn More.

Remove personal information before replacing your smartphone.

  • Don’t rely on carriers, recycling firms or phone deposit banks to “clean” your phone before disposal or resale to third parties.
  • Follow your phone manufacturer’s instructions to remove all personal information from your phone before decommissioning it.
IMPORTANT! Citizens National Bank will never call or email you to ask for your account number or other confidential information. The only time we might ask for personal information (such as the last four digits of your Social Security Number) is when you contact us.

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