Citizens National Bank

We are a locally owned bank that has been serving the people of Pulaski County, Kentucky since 1920. We offer a wide range of products to help you achieve your financial goals along with a high level of customer service and convenient locations.

Citizens National Bank’s Payroll Deduction program provides our customers’ employees the ability to set aside a portion of their paycheck for savings or loan payments.

On payday, the employer sends Citizens National Bank a single payment for the total deductions plus a list of employees taking part in the plan.

When we receive these payroll transactions, they will be automatically applied to the appropriate accounts. To ensure accuracy, our operations staff balances each transaction. This service has been well received by employers and employees of the companies now participating. People enjoy the ability to automatically contribute to a savings plan and/or make weekly or bi-weekly loan payments rather than making a full month’s payment at one time.

We would be glad to help you develop this service for your organization.

Please contact us for further details.